Our mission is to meet the  Human Relations Objective to reduce social vices, increase societal moral standard rate and contribute to the health affairs of youths to afford us an attainable peaceful and pestilence free society where tomorrow’s leaders are nurtured and thrive with a vision primarily targeted towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of  The United Nations.


Since individuals or corporate entities’ plight is to get a value in return for the money they are spending to purchase goods and services, we were poised at satisfying our clients plights through the integration of quality services with guarantee at affordable prices, thereby showing professionalism in the manner of dispatch of service, and to stand the test of time over the years of our service rendering, try as much as possible to develop a strong youth empowerment programmer whose base as regards welfare packages and appraisals, will make us stay in the business world because of its job creation abilities afford us the benefit of generating more job opportunities purported to be enjoyed and gained by a greater percentage of the populace, of at least a targeted population of 1,200 citizens to be empowered through employment into our company or our links within the space of 5 years.

Frank Belvam Company is an indigenous company established on May 17, 2005 duly registered under the Companies And Allied Matters Act (1990) in the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration no. LAZ 166117 and a subsidiary to Franchis Design Group and Top Notch Medicals coming into collaboration with these companies in Cross River and Niger States. At the head quarters, we have staff strength of 15 personnel with 1 Executive Director, 1 General Manager, 1 Operations Manager, 1 Accountant, 1 Secretary, 2 Sales Representatives, 4 Field Workers, 2 Drivers, 2 Security Officers and an ad-hoc workers depending on the volume of the project to be executed. We also have branch office nation wide. We have contacts in  Ibadan, Oyo state, and liaising offices in Calabar, Cross River State, in Minna, Niger State, in Jos, Plateau State and in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja-Nigeria, with the hope of expanding outside Nigeria as the company
 progresses by the grace of God.


  We are specialists in pest control services amongst other services including:
  ·        Merchandizing
  ·        Industrial Cleaning
  ·        Contractual and Consultancy Services

  1. Design of project site/sign boards is one way to show that we are in line with the world of art and we understand the beauties of life, as connoisseurs we have proven these through our works and awards in Calabar Cross River State, Agaie, Niger State and in (FCT) Abuja-Nigeria, respectively. We also carry out consultancy services to deserving clients.  
  3. Fumigation/Pest Control service as the name implies shows that we care about friendly environment in the residents of Alhaji Abdulahi Mamud, (the Honorable Commissioner for works, Agaie and Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. We are equipped with tools, gadgets, and other variables to work. Industrial Cleaning/Sewage Control services are other ways of making our environment friendly by way of clearing debris’s and wastes from our environment that is also perform by us.
  4. We also care about high production of food stuff through agriculture in our economy by which we extend the services of fumigation/pest control on farmlands, in order to yield bumper harvest. We can easily reach remote areas with other forms of transportation like motorbikes, tricycles etc, which is an indication that we deliver jobs timely and effectively no matter the condition.
  5. Procurement services for instance as part of our company’s contractual services rendered to our customers in terms of acquisition of goods and services relieves them of the stress of over pricing a product for instance land, electronics, industrial equipments and allied products.

  * The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria.                         234-87-210142, 8033259058.
  * Zacus construction, Port Harcourt, Rivers State While Remodeling The Meeting   House For Ward 1 & 5 Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, Calabar, Cross River state Nigeria.
  * Vita Construction, Oregun, Lagos State while building The Stake Centre in Calabar, Cross River State, and Ogbor Hill Meeting House in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  * Standard Trust Bank, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. 234-8033600861.
  * Alhaji Abdulahi Mamud (Honorable Commissioner for Works)
Niger State, Nigeria.      234-66-224406,  234-8033146758.
  * Hon.  Alhaji Baba Suleman Poultry, Agaie, Niger State.
  * Alhaji Mamud Farms, Agaie, Niger State, Nigeria.
  * National Youth Service Corps Area Office, Agaie Local Government Secretariat Niger State, Nigeria.
  * Intercontinental Bank Plc UI-Secretariat Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  * Owutu Housing Scheme 1,  Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.


As we merchandised over the years, we were prone to contracting with companies, individuals and liaising with manufacturers of Industrial, Household/Office Equipments and Allied Products with offices in Nigeria and beyond. From here we became suppliers of general goods and we show professionalism in various fields of our operation. Through Fumigation/Pest Control, we have been able to preserve products’ life span as well as creating a conducive or a friendly environment for our clients thereby saving them the stress of making unscheduled expenses on damaged products, equipment and diseases etc caused by insects or pest invasion, and as such we offer quality services and guaranteeing our products supplied according to manufacturers’ specification. In essence, we are ISO 9002 compliant and our prices are affordable and delivered quickly with the aim of customers' satisfaction accomplished.

  All these were achievable because we based solely on Human Relations Objective as we involve our employees in trainings to meet up with the trend of time by organising seminars and workshops through our sponsorship, constant and consistent appraisals according to staff commitment to duties. At this, we are subscribed to some International Organisations ideas to boost our organizational standard example is like the United Nations of Youth etc to help in realizing the Millennium Development Goals of times.

  In our organization, we are all happy people especially in our attitude towards business while we aim at carrying societal people along through empowerment. We have recorded a remarkable growth in the number of clients; also the level of recognition and reputation had been tremendously increased according to our quarterly assessment reports, which reveals an achievable mark of our organizational goal of the 5-year plan of job creation for 1200 citizens.


  As we move with time, we have gained reputation and a good business sense in diverse transactions within Nigeria because of our World Class Standards of service offered at affordable prices by professionals with guarantee. This happens to be the sure way to the height we have attained so far because; integration of quality service has from the inception of our business become our ensign.


  When you need products and services of quality that you can trust to have peace of mind, think of Frank Belvam Company because, in our domain
  "Quality speaks for itself".

We invite you to come enjoy services of its kind as enjoyed by our numerous clients over the years of our service rendering. So we advice that you subscribe to any of the services we offer that bothers around your request from our organisation.